Rest as a Pillar

Rest as a Pillar

Sleep is when our bodies repair, rebuild and regenerate. Medical evidence suggests that for optimum health, the average adult should get seven to nine hours of sleep daily. Almost 20% of people in the world are sleep-deprived! With the rise in sleep debt, the negative health consequences increase, putting us at growing risk for cognitive difficulties, degenerative disease, rapid aging along with weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and memory loss.

Not Getting Enough Restful Sleep

Research suggests healthy sleep hygiene is linked to better cognition, alertness, and emotional well-being. Research also suggests, getting a full night of sleep also contributes to weight loss. Just as our digestive system has a waste removal system in place, so does our brain. This waste removal system activates only while sleeping. As a result, we are pleased to offer you, few tips and suggestions on how to help improve your sleep hygiene and sleep quality.

Sleep Hygiene Tips

  1. Actually, go to bed! Aim to get your needed hours of sleep
  2. “Warm-up” to sleep like you would warm-up for exercise
  3. Calm your body down by doing light stretching and some deep breath work
  4. Focus on deep breaths with your eyes closed you can help to decrease your heart rate and distract your busy mind to invite rest.
  5. Make a bed time routine (sleep hygiene routine) and stick too it, just as you would taking care of your personal hygiene.
    • Decrease exposure to your phone/TV for 30-60 minutes prior to bed
    • Decreasing stimulation and light to the brain will allow your body and mind to begin to relax, allowing you to sleep.


Yours in Health,


Dr. Heather
Bkin, DC, Acupuncture Provider