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Sports Injury

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Both competitive athletes and active people alike are no stranger to the various injuries that arise as a result of repeated movement, improper form, weak muscles, or other underlying conditions. A Statistics Canada survey found that 66% of adolescent injuries were sports related, while 47% of injuries in working-age adults were sports and work related.

Although unexpected injuries or accidents can occur and are quite common, there are various ways to prevent them and mitigate risks. In fact, injury prevention is one of the most important elements of exercise and sport and all too often gets overlooked.

How do sports injuries most commonly occur?

How chiropractic care can help address sports related injuries and pain issues?

sports injury
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Injury care plans can include joint manipulation and mobilisation, tissue therapy, and targeted plans to improve function, expedite healing and minimize pain. Chiropractors, along with other rehabilitation specialists, can also suggest several measures be taken that will ensure a speedy recovery and return to play, prevent injury, and enhance performance. Quick tips to prevent sports related injuries: